The Team


Greg Jacobs,

In 2003, Greg started the sailing of Symbolsense. Since then he has been involved in all phases of Logo, Print, Web, and Flash design and development services in the Los Angeles, CA area. His profound knowledge on art & design made him the most trusted name among the clients. Gathering all talented creative brains under the same roof is his unique instinct

Depangkar Majumder,

Creative Head
Jony completed his diploma in Multimedia & Software Engineering from South York Science & Information Technology (SSIT) in 2006. He has a creative DNA of bringing ideas on table instantly. Jony won several international contests while working successfully with clients from USA, Germany, UK, Austin (Texas), Australia & India.

Sneha Thanasekaran,

Chief Designer
From an engineering background, it's her passion for design that made her get into graphic designing. She has an eye for colors and shapes. She has been designing great logos for the past 6 years and has made quite a mark for herself. When Greg told about the idea of symbolsense, she backed him up and teaming up with him was the best decision she took

Design Team

Egor Delov,

Delov joined Symbolsense in 2007. He has a very sharp attention to each & every detail of designs. His dedication never let him leave art board until he brings life to the design. Keeping client happy by providing exact result what is expected before starting project, is his best skill. He has been helpful in successfully launching several brands. His professional observation towards the tasks is praiseworthy. Egor always makes sure that your logo is properly synced with your brand value . During free time he visits new places & collets souvenir.


As a project manager Barbara interacts with clients by taking notes of every inputs . When clients have just vision but can’t describe things properly, then she appears as a truly helpful one. Since Barbara has years of designing experience, she can easily put lights on the scattered thoughts of our clients. She knows how to deal with things when messed up and thus keeps adding beautiful well furnished logos to our showcase. Barbara ensures the workflow through the entire team by providing required stuffs to both clients & designers.


Monica works as a bridge between several logo projects & their assigned design team. She has communication degree which is very relevant to her responsibilities. Monica sits with project managers to analyze the challenges related to tasks and then forms a team depending on the nature of projects. Her 5 years of working experience in fashion & arts industry help clients to get trendy, cost effective & hassle free branding identity. She always keeps herself well concerned about the designing charisma followed around the world. Ya, one more thing…Monica loves baking too!


With 7 years of illustration & designing experience Jimmy joined our team in 2009. Before that he worked in an advertisement company as a senior illustrator. He is very quick in illustrating ideas with proper execution.


Benjamin is graphics hero of our team. He is very good at bringing different variations in designs. When clients are still a bit in search of some tweaks in designs exactly at that moment Benjamin shows the cards on the table. Not only that he also confirms that all the lines, colors & effects used in the design are perfectly well balanced. After he approves designs, then the final logos are handed over to clients. In his whole career Benjamin has been successful about proving why his position is worthy among team members.