About Us

Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to create passionate, driven and beautifully engineered logos that make a brands mark. Something that subtly says, "that makes sense" or "it looks like your brand" because it IS your brand. We work intimately with our clients to create a seamless trail of workflow. From concept to design, we work with our clients to create their dream and have a ton of creative fun in the process. If you love art and want to create an epic logo... Your team awaits.


Being a hassle free logo design service provider is our consistent goal always. Every client is an opportunity for us to create another milestone beyond the previous milestone achieved by us. So Symbolsense and the team are well concerned each moment to be reason of satisfied client’s smile.

Here's Why You Should Choose Us

Completely customizable pure vector designs


Our design value exceeds clients' expectations

We help our clients identify brand and value

Our designers stop at nothing less than perfection

Final delivery will include all supported files and formats

Free help on logo printing & designing softwares

Who We Are

At Symbolsense designing is a worship. It's like giving the same kind of happiness to our clients similarly giving long awaited christmas gifts to kids. Years of designing experience & privileges to serve a good number of clients made us invincible in the field of sensible designing works. Our creative DNA helps us to read clients mind so that we can land our ideas at the exact horizon that our clients envision. We always strive for the best design ideas that connect client’s brand to the unique values that customers & users perceive. No matter how difficult the branding journey is, we ease it through consistent brain storming generated by questions, researches & planning. Symbolsense never considers it’s clients as a money wheel, rather each & every client’s project is conceived here as a new opportunity to create epic success story. Sky is not the limit for us, because our creative minds fly beyond the sky, go deep into the water for a unique idea that represents best our client’s branding value. You may get so called designs from somewhere else, but can’t experience similar humble relationship that you will only get while working with us.

Effective solution for Every Businesses

We make it easy for anyone to get their business off ground and get others to believe in their business too. Our creative, innovative team of professionals work together to create memorable customer experiences.

The Team


Greg Jacobs,

His profound knowledge on art & design made him the most trusted name among the clients. Gathering all talented creative brains under the same roof is his unique instinct.

Sneha Thanasekaran,

Chief Designer
He is key in the successful launch of several brands. Egor always makes sure that your logo is properly synced with your brand value. He is our top designer.

Depangkar Majumder,

Creative Head
10 years of designing experience have made him invincible & unique his in works. He enjoys giving creative touch even to a straight line. He has a creative DNA of bringing ideas on table instantly.



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