Briefing is a spa service company. Mrs. Paulin, the owner of wanted something  distinctive but eye catchy logo for her business. Based on initial correspondence we gathered some scattered points that were important to incorporate in designing the logo. Since we are exclusively expert in creating word mark logos, so the domain name .Me created a challenge for us. Because client wanted to keep that domain name in the logo anyhow so that customers can easily remember that domain name while typing online.


After doing several brain storming over the spa business, we sketched some ideas on art board. The strategy was to get the close direction towards client’s vision about the logo. Having that in mind we showed the following ideas to client so that we could get further inputs from her:

Sketch Continued

Our team had been working on these two concepts together till this phase. But seeing above two updated modification client decided to go for Lotus flower shape as it properly represented spa thing. This decision gave us more flexibility as our destination had been set. Further modified typography looks came along the way using adobe illustrator:


Lotus Outline

According to our last outline & client’s input, we scaled the outlines to give the design accurate lotus flower form. We sent the modified design with thumbnail to client for any tweaks.


This time client wanted complete curve like lotus petals besides keeping a bit simple letters outline so that customers or viewers can easily read the name So we came up with the following sketch.


Having the design in expected shape client then gave us the color scale used in gradient. The final design then emerged as a stunning word mark logo incorporating client’s business value. This project was ended by handing over the design with all required file formats including editable files.

The Final Logo