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Cyxer authorities wanted a very convincing logo attached to their website, visiting card & other accessories. As a part of their marketing strategy they wanted a word mark logo that can establish a strong presence in customer’s mind. Whenever we think about photography , all those common angles of camera appears instantly. This was the main challenge that we faced before we start our work. Because all the famous logos are unique besides being simple. Our team spent couple of unslept nights to hunt down the cyxer logo ideas. Let’s have a look how we made our journey to cyxer logo:

The Final Logo:


As we told earlier that camera is the most common element, so we researched on all camera logos made earlier. For a minimalistic logo we wanted to make sure that design team could generate completely different unique ideas. Having that in mind we sketched the following ideas:

Primary Sketch:


Client gave next feedback after emailing him all ideas. From the designs he selected the red circled sketches which were close to his thoughts.

cyxer rough ideas

Our designers got clearer view of what client was running after. So further sketches were drawn based on the instructions & selections from previous sketches. Client wanted the letter “X” in Cyxer should look like the shutter of camera. As camera shutter is circular, so we attempted to transform the letter “X” into different shutter look. Besides that we also sketched several word mark versions of camera using Cyxer letters.

Modified Sketch:



We moved to art board for vectorizing the extreme top left & extreme top right concepts. With several tweaks in the volume and slice off ideas we figured out the following versions:









Revised Vectorizing:

Client liked the bottom square concepts but he wanted the lines healthier. He also wanted to see how Round corners & ends of every line look. Having that in mind designers revised the concepts in both variations. At the top designs we made the ends & edges round where at bottom designs we used both round & sharp lines. See the following:





Decision Made:

After the last modification sent to client, we started feeling that we hold the right rope. Because Client decided to make the logo in bold volume keeping both round & sharp line patterns where necessary. He did not want letter “X” to have any thin trail coming out of the four legs of it. We were also asked to play with letters C,Y,E,R in different styles. These inputs drove us to next phase:




Video Conference:

Here, at this stage we arranged video conference with client so that we could involve him into design polishing process. Client was suggested by sharing video screen to get a demo look if we cut off the tails of letters “C” & “R” into one third from the previous versions. Client was expectedly happy seeing all letters well balanced following way:




It sounds easy but we invested our full attention into overall subtle tuning as well as points of each line. We tried best to not leave any point of a line broken so that in future client himself should face problem at all. After retouch all points, elements of the logo we emailed client for his final color approval in the following design:


Final Design:

Client then gave us the color code. We handed over the final design along with all required file formats. It had been a remarkable journey while designing this logo: