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Home Policy

Symbolsense is committed to protect client’s online privacy while providing the most unique & creative logo design experience possible. While using use many features of Symbolsense frequently, clients are required to provide personal information to gain access to some of our premium content and services.

The way Symbolsense collects and uses personal information

When clients complete order form then we collect information about clients and their business to aid in the design of required logo or other graphic design services. Clients information is never shared with any other company and is treated as confidential.

How Symbolsense ensures protection of client’s personal information

Symbolsense encrypts all personal data with secure server software (SSL) that encodes the information before clients web browser software sends it to us. The SSL software decodes the data only after it reaches our server which means hackers can’t grab any of clients personal information while it is in transit. Once the data reaches our site, the same state-of-the-art security software we use to guard all of our company’s essential business data protects clients personal data as well.

Besides using the most secure technology available, Symbolsense team works tirelessly to make sure that all provided information in ways clients approve.

How Symbolsense uses “cookies”

It is known that, “cookies” are small pieces of information that some Web sites store on ourcomputer’s hard drive when we visit them. Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies but allow modifying security settings so that we can approve or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis. Even if we do not use cookies, we can still access all of the features on any site.

What third parties are provided by Symbolsense

Though we don’t provide any third-party access to client’s personal information, clients will still be required to provide required details to the payment gateway for the processing of logo order.

Symbolsense expects client’s valuable thoughts

Our team welcomes any questions and comments regarding privacy policy. Please send e-mail to